The Modern Masculinity Project

12 - "L'ego My Ego" w/ Myself

Episode Summary

Brad Pankey (@mmprojectpod) goes Han Solo for the first time and opens up about his ego, clinging to his identities, letting go, and the gifts that are waiting beneath the layers of the identity onion that he worked hard to build to satisfy his self importance. Enjoy!

Episode Notes

ABOUT THE GUEST: Brad Pankey is a podcaster, runner, uncle, grandson, and none of these things at the same time. In this episode, I go solo for the first time and talk about my ego, identity, letting of my identity, taking power from my ego, and what is left after a decade of working to strip myself down to my truth. Other than discovering there is a lot more work to do, I found a few gifts hiding beneath the layers of the onion. Listen in, send me feedback, and enjoy!