The Modern Masculinity Project

8 - "It All Comes Full Circle" w/ Willie McBride

Episode Summary

Willie McBride (@thewilliemcbride) opens up about his crippling anxiety as a young man, how his mom has influenced his life, shying away from the macho environment of team sports, and much more!

Episode Notes

ABOUT THE GUEST: Willie McBride is an ultra runner, "fast packer," fitness coach, son, brother, and inspiring man with a thirst for adventure. To describe Willie McBride as being merely "cool" would like referring to The Grand Canyon as simple crack in the ground. It's almost certain that his cool head and warm heart are a result of his connection with nature, where he spends a lot of his time running, hiking, and fast packing, in his thrilling brushes with danger while climbing, and on his journey of overcoming crippling anxiety in his childhood. Willie has overcome great obstacles on his way where he is now, living and working in Portland, OR. Currently, he co-operates his wellness business, Wy'East Wolfpack, with Yassine Diboun. Both men are inspiring people to push beyond the comforts of 20% effort to discover their dormant potential. Willie had already inspired me to push beyond my comfort zone before this conversation, and I left feeling even more motivated to push further.

TOPICS COVERED: Resisting the macho environment in team sports, the value of connecting with nature, what happens when we're attracted to amazing women, crippling anxiety and much more!

BONUS THOUGHTS: I rambled about our culture's use of labels, our desire to define everything for convenient organization, the complexity of the human animal, and why, despite my own doubts, I am more motivated than ever to continue having these conversations on this podcast.

Willie McBride