The Modern Masculinity Project

4 - "What did you learn today?" w/ Ed Rogers

Episode Summary

Ed Rogers (@puckfortland) opens up about getting ready to be a father, bromances, expressing love with words, and much more!

Episode Notes

Ed Rogers is a podcaster, creator, husband, new father, son, and my Brobi Wan Kabrobi when it comes to podcasting. I first met Ed via a work acquaintance after I expressed interest in starting a podcast. Ed edits my work acquaintance's podcast, and he also has his own podcast, Puck Fortland. He seemed like the perfect person for me to connect with, and connect we did. From the jump in our first in person meeting, Ed and I hit it off, getting into deeper musings about life and being happy with the pursuit. It was bromance at first sight. Eventually, I joined Ed on this podcast and talked about my original idea for a podcast, which involved smoking a lot of cannabis, with my cousin. He has been gracious enough to guide me through the process of starting a podcast to what you hear now, which is a semi-complete product. In this episode, Ed and I talk about how men sometimes form these instant bonds, how we get that feeling that another man is not a threat. We also talk about Ed's dad and finding the balance between verbal sharing of love and physical "beat downs" between men and their sons. Throughout the entire conversation, Ed displays the rare (for now) ability in a man to come across as both caring , showing his feminine self, and confident, flexing his masculine self. He shows that attuning to both, balancing them up, can create harmony within, which, for Ed, shines through your eyes. We go deep into all of these things and more in what was perhaps my favorite episode yet. Enjoy!

Ed Rogers