The Modern Masculinity Project

7 - "Baby Steps Forward" w/ Jeff Armstrong, PhD

Episode Summary

Jeff Armstrong, PhD opens up about his fears as a father, bubble wrapping kids, what makes him feel like a man, and much more! We also chat about the role of gender identity in sports. BONUS: I open up about Anthony Bourdain and the loneliness of traveling the alone in the outro.

Episode Notes


Jeff Armstrong is a husband, father, brother, (my former) professor, and straight forward (in the best way!) man. He joined me for an enlightening conversation in the apartment about his approach to parenting, being a present husband, and working hard to be the best professor he can be. I first met Jeff in 2008, when I was completing my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science. From the jump, it was evident he was passionate about teaching and about the subject, physiology, and that same passion made it's way into this conversation. Having grown up in Pittsburgh, PA, and being the elderly statesmen amongst all of the MMP guests so far, I knew he'd have a unique perspective to share, and he did not disappoint. Get present and open your mind for a fun episode. Enjoy!

TOPICS COVERED: Allowing boys to find their by failing, gender identity in sports, how he works to be a fully present husband with sincerity, internet dating, what make men feel like men, his relationship with his parents, stories about his dad, his fear in raising his son, and much more!

BONUS THOUGHTS: A bonus mini episode (14 minutes) is included in the outro. I go solo and share how I have been feeling this last week after hearing about Anthony's Bourdain death. I also share a few stories about loneliness and depression, including what made me feel better in those moment.

If you need help: Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Jeff Armstrong