The Modern Masculinity Project

11 - "A New Hope" w/ Nicholas Freeland

Episode Summary

Nicholas Freeland (@nickfb__pnw) opens up about following his heart without pressure, his path towards becoming a man, what he thinks being a "real" man means, how much he admires his parents, and much more!

Episode Notes

ABOUT THE GUEST: Nicholas Freeland is a son, brother, fingerboard creator, and probably one of the most love filled and focused 17 year old humans I have ever met. Nicholas is the nephew of previous guest Tommy Freeland, whom he also lives with. He was raised by Tommy's parents, his grandparents, but he considers them his mom and dad. Nicholas grew up in Anacortes, WA for the majority of his life and resides there today. I thought it would be interesting to talk to Nicholas to see if I could learn how much of how we define ourselves as men is from nature and how much is from nurture. He ended up revealing himself as one of the most grounded, thoughtful, and loving young adult that I have ever met. Nicholas has never been afraid to explore different creative outlets, and he hasn't bought into the pressure to be a certain way. The result is a young man who thinks and sees the world well beyond his years. Plug in and prepare to be blown away by a young man who is full of love. Enjoy!

Nicholas Freeland