The Modern Masculinity Project

9 - "The Unmentionables" w/ Tommy Freeland, Pt. 1

Episode Summary

Tommy Freeland opens up about when he first thought about his masculinity, when he first tried to masculine up in an attempt to fit in, how his parents influenced him as a man, and we talk about growing up as close friends. LONG OPEN: I open up by checking in with myself and share how I am feeling about the refugee crisis on the border.

Episode Notes

ABOUT THE GUEST: Tommy Freeland is a son, brother, uncle, jeweler, and my plutonic soulmate. Residing in Anacortes, WA, Tommy helps operate his family business while also finding the time to be an incredible and loving friend. There isn't much to say here about Tommy because we cover EVERYTHING from childhood to our current pseudo-adult state. Part one of my chat with Tommy covers our childhood, while part two covers the late teenage to adult years. Here, like all of our conversations, Tommy and I chat with ease and vulnerability. Settle in and enjoy!

TOPICS COVERED: Part one of a two part episode: How parenting style influenced us as men, when we first thought about our masculinity, when we first tried to masculine up for other guys, and we share a lot about growing up as close friends.

BONUS THOUGHTS IN OPEN: I take a moment to check in with myself and explore how I am feeling given the current refugee crisis at the border.

HOW TO HELP THOSE AFFECTED BY BORDER CRISIS: Please consider donating to the following:

Tommy Freeland