The Modern Masculinity Project

14 - "Not All Who Wander Are Lost" w/ Myself

Episode Summary

I (@mmprojectpod) go solo for the second time! Here, I open up about how wandering with no direction has challenged me to evolve as a man, the lesson I have learned from being curious, and finding comfort in not seeing life as something to solve. Enjoy!

Episode Notes

ABOUT THE GUEST: Brad Pankey is a runner, wanderer, a rocker, and a roller. He's also none of these things at the same time. In this episode, I go solo for the second time and talk about how my mental and physical wandering mind has taken me on many adventures and taught me profound lessons. While this all sounds great, it has not been easy because I have resisted feeling comfortable being "directionless." Is that what a "man" does? Shouldn't I find a passion to pursue? That's what I have been told, and that's often what men are told... but it's not me. How do I reconcile this and how has it changed me? Listen in to find out. Enjoy!