The Modern Masculinity Project

6 - "Downstream Affects" w/ Morgan Rich

Episode Summary

Morgan Rich opens up about men engaging in dark conversations with intention, not following the rules, and we discuss the possible downstream affects of the MeToo movement for young men.

Episode Notes

Morgan Rich is a father, sweet guy, former hockey player, and a man who is not afraid to step into the dark places to do the hard work. In fact, it is the latter of those things that Morgan assists others doing as his profession. Residing and working in Portland, OR, Morgan works with teens and their parents to empower them with the knowledge and confidence to work through the difficult, anxiety inducing unknowns of growing up. He joined me for an illuminating conversation that came at a point in my life when I needed it most. We talked about our similarities in growing up as sweet, slightly aloof boys that floated along but never felt like we had a place to rest. Morgan offered tips on how he is able to move past being seen as a "sweet guy," while at the same time remaining a heart felt and caring person. One of the key attributes we need to nurture in young men, he says, is having the ability to have reasonable and calm discussions on tough matters, which means we can't forget to talk with boys in a time that is focused on helping women in the MeToo movement. We ruminate on the possible downstream effects of the MeToo movement, how we need to keep the sweet men involved, and at what point does the movement go too far. None of these things are easy to talk about, but Morgan offers a steady and reasonable voice to a confusing subject. This is a powerful talk that left me thinking about what makes me feel like a man, among many other things. Enjoy!

Morgan Rich