The Modern Masculinity Project

10 - "Black Tar & Cigarettes" w/ Tommy Freeland, Pt. 2

Episode Summary

Tommy Freeland returns for part two! This time, he opens up about his struggles with heroin, living life outside of the "normal" curve, being happy with being content, and much more!

Episode Notes

ABOUT THE GUEST: Tommy Freeland is a son, brother, uncle, jeweler, and my plutonic soulmate. Residing in Anacortes, WA, Tommy helps operate his family business while also finding the time to be an incredible and loving friend. There isn't much to say here about Tommy because we cover EVERYTHING from our post high school relationship to our current pseudo-adult state. Part two of my chat with Tommy covers our late teenage to adult years. Here, like all of our conversations, Tommy and I chat with ease and vulnerability. We go deep into some dark places thanks to Tommy's willingness to look at himself honestly. It was refreshing, powerful, and it made me love this dude even more than I did, which I didn't think was possible. Settle in and enjoy!

TOPICS COVERED: The genesis or a heroin addiction, rehab, living outside of the "normal" curve, finding happiness and joy in contentment, deep connections between male friends, differences between men and women, and much more!

Tommy Freeland