The Modern Masculinity Project

5 - "Once a Pickle, Never a Cucumber" w/ Yassine Diboun

Episode Summary

Yassine Diboun (@yassinediboun) opens up about addiction, wrestling with anger, the need to do inner work, being a hugger, and much more!

Episode Notes

Yassine Diboun is a father, husband, ultra-runner, co-owner-lead wolf at WyEast Wolfpack, which helps people get active, healthy, and fit. He spends a lot of time inspiring people to find their best selves, and he is well equipped to do so given what he has overcome. Yassine's powerful story of perseverance started in Erie, Pennsylvania, where his father, a Moroccan immigrant and the only person from his family to come to America, met his mother in college. The marriage was not for long, however. Yassine's parents split when he as about six years old. From there, his mother raised three children on her own. For Yassine, this was only the start of a difficult road ahead. His mother chose to move the family from the diverse area of Erie to an almost all white rural Pennsylvania because of an opportunity to pay down her student loans. Yassine became harder to handle for his mother as he grew into a young, larger, and stronger man. He also started to present his anger and resentment for not having a father around, moving from his friends, and feeling lost. Combining those feelings with not having much to do in a small town lead Yassine down a path of heavy drinking, which he eventually realized he couldn't stop. It took an intervention to get Yassine to stop drinking, along with a of "inner work," as he says. He realized that he had an addictive personality and needed to fill it with something else, so he took up running, an activity which he happens to be quiet talented at. He shares that he still has hard days, but that he finds balance and peace from his running and family. This is a beautiful conversation from an incredibly inspiring and gentle man, whom I am grateful to have met and talked with. Enjoy!

Yassine Diboun